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In 1965, men and women; young and old suffered and died for the Right to Vote. Fifty-two years later the extremist are doing everything they can to take away our hard earned right, liberties and power that we have in the Vote. Why? Because every issues we face and embrace is impacted by the Vote--Women’s, Labor, Immigration, Health, LBGTQ, Education, Criminal Justice, and More.


We are witnessing a surge of overwhelming grassroots organizing. We are refusing to sit idly on the sidelines! Please accept this call to action and join us on sacred ground in SELMA, AL on Sunday, March 5th, 2017 during the Bloody Sunday Reenactment for the Salute Selma’s, Inc. and The Bridge Crossing Jubilee, Inc.: ReSistering, ReDefining, ReVolting Women’s Summit to discuss gender equality, access to quality healthcare, education, and how to plan and get involved in politics. We will have powerful women from around the world that will join us to strategize and organize, walk hand and hand across the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge and to let the world know that we will hold every Republican accountable and that we are putting the Democrats on notice that they MUST stand up and resist this Presidential Cabinet and Congressional majority sweeping Executive orders, Federal Cabinet Appointments, and pending legislation!


For over twenty years, we have commemorated the Anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” and the march from Selma-to-Montgomery, which lead to the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act with a four-day event we call the “Bridge Crossing Jubilee.”  The Jubilee was founded by the National Voting Rights Museum & Institute in Selma, AL, to pay homage to those who fought for all Americans to participate in the Voting process. We are calling all women to join us in our fight against tyranny and oppression! 


On the heels of the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, once again SELMA needs to be the battleground for Women’s Right and Human Rights! Not since the ‘60’s have we seen such blatant attacks on democracy. A sweeping suppression of voting rights, women’s rights, with a heightened pipeline to prison epidemic and disenfranchising of black and brown people. With this current Presidential Administration, each day brings a new wave of gut-wrenching developments—a ban on refugees and many Muslim immigrants, preparations to reopen CIA "dark sites" that have been used for torture, a push for both the authorization of a border wall, gag orders on scientists at federal agencies, and attacks on the press.


What better place to unite and fight for the Right to Vote-than Selma, AL. Who better to come to Selma, AL to help lead that fight but Women in the Spirit of Amelia Boynton, beaten on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965, who was lead across that same bridge 50 years later by President Barack Obama. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, has answered the call and confirmed their attendance! Can we count on you to join us?  

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