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Expected attendance grows to 20,000 for historic “Women’s Rally” as Salute Selma, Inc. issues call to action to

our nation’s most influential, preeminent African-American organizations and their leadership


SELMA, AL –Salute Selma, Inc. a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization wants you to join us on sacred ground as we commemorate the

sacrifices and success of scores of black women from around the country for Selma’s 55 th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the

Selma to Montgomery March and the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 during the Annual 55 th Bridge Crossing

Commemoration. Let’s show the world that our voices matter and will be heard: For the first time in history, black women will lead

this Historic Reenactment March across Edmund Pettus Bridge!

These amazing days of black liberation and human rights activism will start Saturday, February 29 th, 2020 with an Economic

Empowerment Village/Health & Wellness Expo. On Sunday March 1, 2020 there will be a Salute to Selma Church Service led by

Ministers from across the nation followed by a Historic “Pre-march Rally,” which will culminate with Selma’s Historic Bridge

Crossing Reenactment! These events are strategically planned a few days before the nations’ “Super Tuesday’s” Democratic Party

presidential primaries. The weekend is aimed at invigorating and galvanizing the power of the Black vote. We invite you to join

thousands of influential African Americans in the fields of politics, entertainment, education and entrepreneurship as we discuss

what’s occurring in our nation, and how we must respond. The 2020 Presidential election has reignited the collective synergy that

African Americans have influential power, tenacity and that there is enormous value in our vote. We stand united in solidarity with

Selma for one mission and one goal in 2020!

Salute Selma, Inc. is excited to announce the participation confirmation in the inaugural “Women’s Rally and March” of the National

Pan-Hellenic Council, which is composed of the nine historical Greek lettered Fraternities and Sororities. National Presidents of each

organization understanding the importance of 2020 will be in Selma and ready to march across the bridge. Catrena Norris Carter,

Co-Founder & National Coordinator for Salute Selma, Inc. feels this is groundbreaking, “It sends a strong message to the world that these organizations whose collective memberships comprise of MILLIONS of this country’s preeminent black leaders coming

together to support, celebrate and speak on the power of the black vote in solidarity, is indeed powerful!’

The National Executive Board of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. headed by Vanetta Cheeks Reeder states that,” The purpose

of the NPHC includes the ability to address, coordinate and develop action strategies on matters of mutual concern to affiliate

organizations and to serve as the conduit for such action plans"; National President NPHC and the Council of Presidents (COP) lead by Chairman Dr. Everett B. Ward are all fully vested in providing the resources to ensure membership participation in the Historic

Reenactment March Across the Edmund Pettus Bridge on March 1, 2020.

Additional partnering organizations include The Links, Incorporated. an international not-for-profit corporation with a membership of

16,000 professional women of color; The Boule (Sigma Pi Phi), the first African-American Greek lettered organization founded in

1904; Jack and Jill of America, Inc. with 247 chapters nationally and 40,000 families; National Association of 100 Black Women;

NAACP Legal Defense Fund; Association of Black Mayors; Alabama New South Coalition; and more.

Once again, SELMA will serve as a national backdrop for civil rights and human rights Abina D. Billups, Co-Founder and Board

Chairman for Salute Selma, Inc. said “In 1965, men and women young and old, suffered and died for the Right to Vote. Fifty-five

years later extremists are doing everything they can to take away our hard-earned rights, liberties, and power we have in the Vote,”

therefore she believes coming to Selma should be an “annual pilgrimage.” “Especially since every day, a new wave of gut-wrenching

developments spurs out of this current White House administration,” added Billups. “Blatant attacks on our democracy and daily

threats to disenfranchise black and brown people,” emphasized by Carter.

We must stand. We must unite. Please join us!

For more information and full listing of events please visit our website or contact Catrena Norris Carter at

(205) 266-0304 or Abina D Billups at (334) 526.0025